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Our Services

Appliance Marketing Solutions

We are proud of our pioneering method of applying all marketing, promotion and public relations activities in a scientific manner.

We achieve an achievement through our complete acquaintance with our customers and our deep understanding of their needs. And our great knowledge of the local culture of the various segments of society. and this knowledge forms the basis for developing targeted strategies And creativity to achieve the best results for our clients.

Media Monitoring

Providing a daily monitoring reports to cover all publishing in media the reports cover all print, online and social activity

Monitoring daily, weekly and monthly magazines and newspaper.

Monitoring the local/regional/global online portals and social media channels.

TV monitoring available with flexible packages

Social Media

Establishing social media strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and client’s blogs.

“That includes ideas, themes, engaging concepts, content, provision of weekly standard posting schedules and suggesting competitions prizes and advertisement campaigns”


Designing and printing marketing material

for all types of events, including annual exhibitions, corporate events, outdoor activities, gathering, annual business giveaways, outdoors booths, brochures, roll ups, back drops, catalogues, etc

Media Training

Appliance Marketing Solutions offers 

customized media training programs for executives, politicians and public figures with an exclusively handpicked team of international/local trainers and PR experts involved in the design and implementation

Appliance Marketing Solutions provides media training for clients (corporate/political) presentation, briefing, coaching, messaging and video sessions.

Communication Training

Introduction to IMC (integrated marketing communication) – Media training -Presentation skills-Sales skills program Custom designed training packages for groups, companies, organizations and public figures


Media events

including press conference, round tables, Media trips and more.

Events: including launches, internal communications meeting, conferences, meeting anniversaries and much more, these events require services, production as well as specific media requirements

Media Relations

We provide a full-fledged media engagement service including:
Managing press conferences
Briefing – field trips
Dealing with local and international media for expanding publicly
Site visits – media seasonal communications
Arranging interviews
Other media events – providing press training programs

Event Management

Appliance team works hands-on assuming full responsibility or in part of event organization team for creating/implementing the required event activities with clear communication and ensuring the smooth and efficient running of an event as designed required.
In an event we are all partners, we complement our partners in achieving much more than what’s expected

Multimedia Production

Appliance Marketing Solutions has a team of media production experts; we provide comprehensive production services for:
Songs, music videos.
Photos, Posters, Cartoons, Short movies and documentaries.

New media marketing is a changing effort for businesses. And we can use some of the areas where brands are growing online.
Yasser Hassan
Web Development Officer